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In the passed 2 days we have been on hold for approximately 8 hours if not more. Customer Service is so unacceptable.

Since when did we allow this to happen. Could you imagine going to the grocery store or to the bank and waiting in line for hours and hours to give them money. Last night when I got through to the agent after over 4 hours on hold and number 834 in the que (I do have her name).

I requested to speak to a manager and she had indicated that there was no manager on the floor. During our conversation the agent had raised her voice twice.

She has guaranteed me that they would call me tonight and again no call back. All I would like to do is disconnect. I called tonight again there is 934 in the que.

Why is there so many people in the que.

But If you call to be added as a new customer You would have a live agent less then a minute. That is the number to call if you would like to speak to someone.

They have no issue taking my money on time.

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